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Affiliate Marketing Tips – Why Recommending What You Love Is An Excellent Business Model
By Connie Ragen Green

Affiliate marketing is the process of recommending something you love to someone else who could benefit from it, in return for a commission. This is done regularly in business in the offline world, where people will recommend a product or service in exchange for payment of some type.

When I was working in real estate it was commonplace for us to refer a client to another real estate agent who could better help that particular client for any of a number of reasons. When the property was sold we would receive a commission check for about twenty-five percent of the overall commission earned on that transaction. If we referred someone for a loan, this was not something we could be compensated for because it was strictly regulated.

On the Internet, just about everything is available for you to promote as an affiliate. I prefer digital products for a couple of reasons. They can be downloaded immediately after being purchased, no matter what time of day it is for the person who is making the purchase. If it doesn’t meet the expectations of the buyer, they can receive a refund easily, and the affiliate commission is typically fifty percent of the purchase price. I buy these products and courses on a regular basis, so it’s easy for me to know which ones are the best.

Recommending what you love to others will also make you feel very good about what you are doing online. I can remember telling one of my closest friends about how I was learning to blog back in 2006, and she asked me if I would send her the link to the course I was taking. She ended up joining the course as well, earning me a handsome commission as an affiliate for this program.

I thought that as soon as I had my own courses and digital products I probably wouldn’t recommend anyone else’s programs. I was completely wrong about this. It turns out that being an affiliate for the best people and products available on the Internet enhances my business and allows me to earn even greater profits over time.

I would encourage you to learn more about this and see how you can build your online business very quickly by having your pick of the best inventory in your niche. Make sure to purchase it first to make sure it is something you would recommend to the people who come to you for advice when it comes to using the affiliate marketing model.

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Connie Ragen Green