"Imagine Being Able To Earn A Full-Time Income From Home

By Simply Recommending The Products And Services You Love"

From: Connie Ragen Green
RE: Affiliate Marketing Secrets Explained Course

I've been online since 2006, and that first year was quite a struggle for me. My life up until that time consisted of working as a classroom teacher in Los Angeles, and also working part-time as a real estate appraiser and listing broker. I knew nothing about becoming an entrepreneur, but was determined to learn.

Creating my own product seemed like an impossible feat that first year, so I decided to get started with affiliate marketing to see if I could earn some money while I was still learning. Little did I know at that time that I was about to embark on a journey that would provide me with the most lucrative business ever.

You May Have Already Heard About Affiliate Marketing From People Who Promise Overnight Riches

You know the people I'm referring to here. They promise that you can simply push a few buttons and start making big money on the Internet with affiliate marketing. I'm here to tell you that this just is not true.

Affiliate marketing is a business, and just like any other business it takes some work to get started. If it were as easy as those people would like for us to believe, would they be sharing their secrets with the world? Of course not.

What you need is the whole story from someone who's been there. That person is me. I went from earning no money at all online in 2006 to now earning a mid five figures each month - all from recommending other people's products and services through my affiliate links.

If you already know me, then you know that I do have my own products and training courses as well. That accounts for half of my online business. I have found, and will teach you in detail, that having your own products will help you to earn even more as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing Is Truly The 'Earn While You Learn' Business Model

When I earned my first $21.60 in the spring of 2006 you would have thought I had just hit the lottery. I jumped up and down and called my friends to share the news. They thought I was a little bit crazy for being so excited about making such a small amount of money, but I saw the bigger picture. I knew that if I could make one sale of an affiliate product to someone who had never even heard of me, there were lots more sales to be made in the future.

That first affiliate product was an eBook on training Yorkshire terriers. I continue to sell that product today. What I learned by promoting in this way was the foundation upon which my entire business has been built.

I've created a training course that takes you through the process of choosing a niche, setting up a site, and finding the right products and services to recommend to your target market.  If you would like to add affiliate marketing as an income stream, then this is definitely the right course for you.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets Explained teaches you:
  • How to get started with a step-by-step action plan

    so that you won't waste any time with out-of-date methods or 'get rich quick' schemes

  • Why you need Wordpress for your affiliate sites

    so you won't spend precious time and money with webmasters and expensive themes

  • How to choose the right products to promote

    no matter what your niche or area of interest and expertise

  • When to expand your affiliate marketing beyond your primary niche

    to increase your passive online income and expand your possibilities

This course gives you the tools you need to start succeeding as an affiliate marketer very quickly. This works in almost any niche, and I will show you exactly how to choose a profitable one that matches your interests and area of experience.

Some of the biggest names on the Internet (you'd be amazed if you saw the names) come to me for this training to learn my secrets, tips, and techniques. I've been a 'Super Affiliate' since 2009, and I can show you how to build your own online empire using the affiliate marketing business model.

Isn't It Time For You To Take Control Of Your Income?

I worked as a classroom teacher for 20 years, and during that time I had absolutely no control over my income. One year the union had us go on strike for two weeks, and I had zero income during that time. If I hadn't been working part-time in real estate on the side, my house payment and other bills would have been late or not paid at all. Having your own online business is the best hedge against inflation and a weak economy.

You need a way to have total control over how much money you earn, and how much time it takes you to do that. I have continued to increase my income each month since coming online in 2006, and you can do the same exact thing, once you learn which steps to take right away.

Imagine having the time and financial freedom to live the life you choose. Affiliate marketing is the best way to get started with this lifestyle, and you never know where it might lead you in the future.

No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee you will learn everything you need to get started earning passive online income or I will cheerfully refund your money for up to 30 days.

In fact, I'm so sure you will feel like this is the best investment you've ever made I promise to show you my best insider 'Super Affiliate' techniques as well, making it even easier for you to succeed.

Connie Ragen Green

I Am Only Offering This Affiliate Marketing Secrets Explained Training At This Introductory Price For An Extremely Limited Time

Now is the time for you to learn the skills that will bring affiliate income your way. If you've been thinking about building a profitable online business, no matter what your niche, this is the way to get started quickly. You'll have what you need all set up and ready to go within just a few days of starting your training. Then I will go deep into how to do the marketing to launch your business in the fastest possible time. They don't call me the 'Marketing Madwoman' for nothing!

Claim Your Seat In The Affiliate Marketing Secrets Explained Course

Just to recap, this course includes:

  • A 3 Part 'Jumpstart' Live Training Program where your questions will be answered personally
  • Access to more than 6 hours of webinar training in the exclusive 'Member's Area'
  • Step-by-step details on how to get started with setting up your Wordpress site
  • Your '31 Day Guide to Affiliate Marketing Income' for daily productivity
  • My 'Super Affiliate' tips, secrets, and techniques
  • Regularly scheduled live webinars for followup and personal help
  • Only $97 (This is the introductory price, so do not delay!)
  • And much, much more

  • Being able to add affiliate marketing to your online marketing revenue will change your life. I'm here to teach you how to get started quickly so you can see real results. You always want to learn from someone who is currently successful in the area they are teaching.

  • I understand there is a 30 day guarantee and if I am unhappy for any reason I will receive my money back with no questions asked.

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P.S. How long have you been wanting to add affiliate marketing as a stream of income to your business? Now is the time to learn from me, while I'm still offering this training at the introductory price of only $97.

What My Students Have To Say...

"It was the first money I ever made on the Internet"

Connie taught me how to set up a site to share my information on my topic. Within a few weeks I had made my first sale, and that was the first money I ever made on the Internet. ~Jeff Wilson

"Connie, I love learning from you"

Connie, I love learning from you.  You are great about breaking down the process into steps, and showing us examples so we can see it too. Thanks for teaching and encouraging me to expand my business online!  ~Leslie Cardinal

"She really knows her stuff"

After hearing Connie Ragen Green speak in Austin recently I knew she could teach well. She really knows her stuff, and does an excellent job of conveying her knowledge to others. I've been doing this for awhile, so I know she's the real thing.  ~Tom Justin

"WOW! Can I say that again? WOW!"

WOW!  Can I say that again? WOW!  'Affiliate Market Secrets explained' opened my eyes to how easy it is to get started online.  I was stuck
trying to figure out the perfect niche, the perfect website, and was feeling stuck - Your training has created excitement and now I feel
freedom to start building my affiliate marketing empire one site at a time. ~ Jeremy Ginn

"I'm on my way! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

With your help I've set up my first site and just made my first sale. I'm on my way to earning a living online, and I just can't thank you enough for helping me to put the pieces together, Connie. ~ Ruth Jackson